Sula Bedriftsteneste

Sula Bedriftsteneste is a modern company with a variety of productions.
We employ people who need supported employment.
Our productions are of high quality and we have certification after ISO 9001:2015



Maritime products

Products that save lives!

The SB Rescue System is an outstanding range of products that are used by maritime personnel in a number of countries worldwide.
SB Rescue System consists of:
- SB Rescue Sling
- SB Rescue Davit
- SB Rescue Winch
SB Rescue System: easy to use, effective and reasonably priced.
The SB Boathook is simple to adapt for many different purposes: 
Emergency oar, propeller knife, fishing gaff, or deck brush.
We develop specialised products for use in the oil & gas and maritime sectors.
We also specialise in product development. The department is innovative and has a high level of expertise.



Sewing & Sailmaking

A creative division with exceptional sewing and sailmaking skills

We are able to resolve the vast majority of challenges by working closely with our customers.  
We have the skills and equipment for most types of specialised seams. 
We also repair yacht canopies and boat upholstery.
We have special seam-welding machines for PVC tarpaulins.
We manufacture customised curtains and tablecloths.
We design and make balcony screens and canopies according to specifications. These products allow diverse use of outdoor space and balconies.
We replace zips and carry out all kinds of repairs and adjustments - our sewing department can take care of most requirements.
We like a challenge.


Working with leading companies in the maritime safety sector

Sula Bedriftsteneste works together with a number of leading companies within the maritime safety sector. Many customers come to us to work together in developing new products or to challenge us for new solutions. 
Products manufactured by Sula Bedriftsteneste include fender covers, fender systems and tarpaulins for Mare Safety's MOB boats. We also manufacture marine evacuation chutes for Survitec and products for maritime-sector customers including Offshore Technical Services (OTS).

You will find our customers all over the world. Norwegian customers include: 
The Royal Norwegian Navy
Oslo University Hospital
The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue
Norwegian Shipyards
and many more.




Visit us in, Erikmarka 3, 6030 Langevåg. (Aannøfabrikken)
Reach us by phone: +47 70 19 89 00
or Email us:

Postadress: Postbox 100, 6039 Langevåg

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 07.30-15.30.

We have lunch break from 09.30-09.50 and 12.00-12.30. 
During these periods we are closed.


Iris Haugen Giske - Administration

Phone: 70198900
Mob: 41229376

Gunn Skotheimsvik Årdal - CEO

Phone: 70198906
Mob: 90956513

Trine Bjørkavåg - Head of laundry department

Phone: 70198905
Mob: 97162179

Rune Alnes - Head of Sew & Sail

Mob: 95854245

Rune Amundø - Head of Maritime Production

Phone: 70198929
Mob: 92603132

Per Arne Aase - Head of Environment & Fuel

Phone: 70198904
Mob: 48273896